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Labor & Employment Litigation

Adeptly Handling Labor Disputes for Employers

Our experienced Labor & Employment Law team of attorneys has successfully defended employers in claims involving:

Our team adeptly handles pre-suit agency disputes, motion practice, and trial. Our attorneys work together to help keep clients abreast of the current law and its application to our clients’ policies and cases. The law applicable to employment claims is ever changing, and our team is well versed in the current legal opinions and regulations affecting employers.

The Labor & Employment Law team handles employment matters from the inception. We assist with EEOC charges, with the Wage and Hour division, OSHA/MSHA, the NRLB, Employment Security, and with other state and federal agency proceedings. If an employment dispute proceeds to litigation, our team of attorneys is prepared and skilled to advise the employer on the relevant legal issues, allowing them to make an informed decision on whether to proceed to trial or to proceed to resolution through alternative dispute resolution (ADR). During litigation, our team keeps the employer abreast of the status of the case and provides invaluable assistance with discovery, ADR, settlement conferences, motion practice, and trial.

Attorneys working in this practice area: