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Effective Litigators Handling the Appeals Process

Litigation doesn’t always end with a dismissal or a trial, and Copeland Cook has a team of lawyers with extensive practice and skill in handling appeals to state and federal courts, as well as to and from administrative agencies. Appellate excellence depends upon persuasive, well-researched briefs and petitions, because most appeals are decided without oral argument. Our Appellate Practice team understands there’s a world of difference between convincing a jury and persuading an appellate court that has to consider not only the case before it, but its relation to the broader law as a whole.

When our advocates do appear before the appellate courts, they have experience in anticipating what those courts’ concerns will be and in addressing them clearly and effectively while making the strongest possible arguments for our clients. We think fast on our feet and rebut our opponents’ arguments on the spot.

Preparation for appeal often begins before trial, and our appellate counsel’s experience in litigation helps them assist trial counsel in spotting and preserving issues for appeal and in drafting essential post-trial motions.

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